“Looking Within!”

Are you engaging your own innate wisdom & experience to generate your plan, a plan that best works for you and your team?

As your “Centre of Excellence” in experiential education and training, we offer:
•Leading-edge experiential Emotional Fitness® tools
•A tool-kit for life in the 21st century
•An investment focus on People, Planet, Profit
•An innovative approach to personal and professional development

Our Vision is “A world that is emotionally fit”

To Achieve This Vision We Offer:

Workshops background


This 122-hour program can complement your current life, help facilitate your own personal growth and lead you toward a new fulfilling career.



1-on-1 Personalized Programs

With a licensed Emotional Fitness® Educator, you can experience all nine tools of Emotional Fitness®, completely tailored to you to help you know yourself best.


Group Training

Group Training Programs

With our Emotional Fitness® tools, move toward greater productivity, employee engagement, and job satisfaction.


The Mission

Emotional Fitness® Academy

The Mission of the Emotional Fitness® Academy is to educate people through Emotional Fitness® tools in order to use their personal and professional strengths while experiencing their growth & development so they are in turn empowered to educate others.

Emotional Fitness Academy

What Are People Saying?


The Emotional Fitness® Personal Development Program

“The Emotional Fitness® Personal Development Program has helped me to identify, define and monitor my emotional and overall well being by using a holistic approach. ”

Writer, Poet, Author, E-Fitness Personal Development Graduate


Leaders, Managers, Coaches Workshop

“I found the Leaders, Managers, Coaches Workshop to be a terrific experiential program, instrumental in helping me improve my leadership and listening skills.”


Dr. Richard A. Vaillancourt
CEO (Retired), Leadership Workshop Graduate

What Are We Blogging About?

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