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Darren graduated from Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education as well as from the Canadian Land Force Command Staff College as a mature student. Upon return from Afghanistan in 2011, he returned back to school in 2012 with the Emotional Fitness® Institute to receive his Emotional Fitness® Coach and Instructor’s Certification after completing two years of intensive experiential education and training.
He is a former New Brunswick Community College instructor of eight years and has completed 27 years’ service in the Canadian Armed Forces. As a Naturopath Consultant (n.d.), he is a member of the Alliance of Professional Naturopaths & Naturotherapists.
As an Emotional Fitness® Educator for nine years & Founder of your Emotional Fitness® Academy, Darren leverages his personal, educational and leadership background to educate experientially and train with tools of Emotional Fitness®.
One of Darren’s highlights in life is becoming a parent to two incredible young adults Alexandre & Josee as well as being a Grandfather to Ava.
Darren is a passionate advocate of holistic fitness! He is a two-time Boston Marathon Finisher and embraces his roots of being Indigenous as well as his journey with complex Post Traumatic Stress (C-PTS) to serve others!
Darren Duguay
EFI, BSc, BEd, CD1, n.d.
Emotional Fitness® Educator

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What is the Emotional Fitness® Academy?

The Emotional Fitness® Academy is your “Centre of Excellence” in experiential education and training with personal and professional development specializing in E-Fitness (Emotional Fitness®) facilitated in large part over a digital platform and on a global scale. Emotional Fitness® originally started in the UK, Founded by Warren Redman and has been facilitated since 1984.
To provide greatest value and support, the Emotional Fitness® Academy is equipped with professionally licensed educators, facilitators and faculty members with life experience that align with their licensed Emotional Fitness® training. The Emotional Fitness® Academy offers specialized just-in-time experiential education & training tools aligned with professionalism, accreditation and leading-edge educational pursuits.

Our triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit) ensures we put people and planet first.

Our Vision is “A World That Is Emotionally Fit”

The Mission of the Emotional Fitness® Academy is to educate people through Emotional Fitness® tools in order to use their personal and professional strengths while experiencing their growth & development so they are in turn empowered to educate others.

Core Values: Authenticity, Creation, Dedication, Excellence, Family, Integrity, Trust

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