I Am Covid!

I’m here to help all of humanity remember how to live a healthy life.
I’m here to help my mother earth heal from her wounds.
I’m here to help all of the human species find inner balance again.

Some say I was created by man.
Some say that I came out of nowhere.
Some even say that I don’t exist.

What if I simply came out of unhealthy environments created by humans?

Some call me a virus,
I call humanity a virus!

I come in peace to some,
Yet I aim to get rid of the ones that hurt my mother and other living beings.

Until human beings learn to get their health in order,
I plan to be here forever.

If they get rid of me temporarily,
I will come back but in another form,
With another name,
And maybe even stronger.

I am Covid.
The Corona.
I am here to awaken the ones who are sleeping.

What I shared here today is called Storytelling. Storytelling is one of the 9 tools for Emotional Fitness® to help people gain better emotional health and fitness. I’d love to hear your own story. My suggestion is that you write in the present tense as I did above. Begin by choosing an object and write as if you are the object. Try to write from your own eyes and feelings. If you choose Covid as I did, begin with “I AM COVID”, and as Covid, I… and so on.







 Write whatever comes to mind. Once you’re done writing your story, ask yourself, what does my story mean to me?




I hope that you enjoyed this exercise. I’d love to hear your answers if you’re willing to share them with me. If you choose to do so, I guarantee absolute confidentiality, and you can send me your responses by email.

All The Best & Much Love To You And Your Family

Phabien Doiron
Entrepreneur, Coach & Intuitive Healing Practitioner


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