Co-Creating the More Beautiful World

What is more important to you being right or pursuing Truth? These two goals can often come in conflict with one another and far too often our desire to be right can be the barrier to deeper connection.

Some of the greatest social and political challenges we are collectively facing – identity, politics, tribalism, cancel culture, and oligarchical collectivism – are keeping us divided from our fellow community members and ‘stuck’ in status quo. In order to rise above the noise and co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, we need to be willing and able to engage in constructive and nuanced dialogue with the common goal of deeper understanding.

We will ultimately disagree with one another. Even though it can be challenging to navigate our differences, it’s part of what makes life so diverse and unique. Underneath it all, it’s so important to remember there is more that connects us than there is that divides us.

This is why I created the Stu Murray Podcast, where we have honest conversations with people from all walks-of-life who are contributing to a more beautiful world. Together, we can co-create a new vision and a lived reality that serves humanity’s metamorphosis.

Do you hear the calling? Are you ready to transcend the status quo?

If so, check out the Stu Murray Podcast for inspiration and information on how we can come together as a community.

We released a new episode every Monday with wide-ranging topics, including education, healthcare, personal healing and transformation, environment, mental health and addiction, homelessness, and so much more.

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Written By Stuart Murray, Educator, Yogi, Program Coordinator PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs, Studied Environmental Science at Mount Allison University

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